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  In Business Transition, failure is not an option

As professionals, we know that there are times when our expertise needs augmentation. Whether it is referring matters  to a legal expert, or a complex tax issue, or sourcing the best financial lending sources, others can play a large part in helping us make the client more successful.

That is the partnership role in which you should view ROCG. Our role is to integrate your unique expertise along with the client’s other trusted advisors (such as the attorney, the wealth management advisor, the banker, etc.) into a cohesive team. ROCG manages the big picture. The big picture includes growing business value, succession planning, conflict resolution, planning the process, drawing up the timetables and holding the client accountable to achieve agreed upon benchmarks.

In family situations there is always the possibility of conflict and hurt feelings that can result in a lifetime of strained relations. ROCG has the experience to work with families, often designing solutions that avoid family disputes and result in satisfying agreements all around. Our objective is to leverage your expertise, and knowledge of your client, to provide the best possible transition solutions. You become a key member of the transition team. If required, we would be willing to sign a non-competitive agreement.


  Get ROCG involved from the ground floor

ROCG welcomes your partnership from the very start. Do you have a client considering selling or transitioning a   business? Arrange for ROCG to accompany you to a Discovery Meeting. The meeting is free and the three of us will discuss  the client’s objectives.

You will see how our global connections can help out in broad based solutions. There is a symmetry in putting together a number of brains to solve problems, but most of all, you will see how collaboration works to further your client’s best interests.

 Key benefits of working with ROCG

  • Get access to virtually any expertise in the field of business transition
  • Enhance your areas of expertise
  • Generate value-added work for you and your firm
  • Allows you to do your work without getting embroiled in personal issues
  • Greatly improve your chances of retaining your client and enhancing your relationship
  • Get integrated with the new owner thereby opening the door for a new relationship
  • See the joy of your client’s goals fulfilled, while being at the center of the process


“As a public accounting firm, we invited ROCG to partner with us to help a troubled business client stay viable. The client agreed to the development plan and ROCG was able to help the client with a number of systems and management issues. As a result, the client’s business still exists and we continue to provide tax and accounting services. I sat in on many of the meetings with the client’s management team and I saw first hand Ronen’s ability to bring people together to solve problems”

Eugene Gascho COO - Nietzke & Faupel, PC