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  Get the most for your client while enhancing your contribution

It’s a wonderful feeling when you can do something that enhances your relationship with your client. When your client can see that your referral has led them onto safer ground where their objectives are being realized. That is what happens when you introduce ROCG to your client. We are not lawyers, but we work to enhance the client/attorney relationship by leading you to perform additional value-added services

Do you have a client that should be planning for the transition of their business? The most useful service you can provide your client is to set up a Discovery Session with an ROCG consultant. The meeting is free. The information is invaluable. You should know that ROCG wants you, as the client’s attorney, to be involved right from the start. Normally a lawyer is involved in the transaction stage of a transition. By being involved in the planning process you are able to increase your service offerings.

The key to the ROCG business transition success lies in our collaborative approach. We involve all the client’s trusted advisors. No one person has all the answers. In the case of business transition the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In other words, all the team members provide the client with a richer end product than is achieved by working in isolation.


  Get ROCG involved from the ground floor

ROCG welcomes your partnership from the very start. Do you have a client considering selling or transitioning a business? Arrange for ROCG to accompany you to a Discovery Meeting. The meeting is free and the three of us will discuss the client’s objectives.

You will see how our global connections can help out in broad based solutions. There is a symmetry in putting together a number of brains to solve problems, but most of all, you will see how collaboration works to further your client’s best interests.

Key benefits of working with ROCG

  • Working with ROCG allows you to be perceived as a “deal maker” as opposed to a “deal killer”. You are involved early in the process with time to discuss and address estate planning, tax, personal liability, asset protection, due diligence, and transaction issues in a constructive manner, long before an offer reaches the table.
  • The ROCG planning process explores all the options for the client, so that they understand and are much more receptive to the ideas you bring regarding the need to change the corporate structure and the possibilities of involving the creation of different legal entities
  • Working with the ROCG collaborative approach, you interact with all the client’s trusted advisors, a process which would normally be minimal, if it existed at all
  • You are kept at the center of each phase, especially, the transaction process. In other words, you are not brought in just at the end, but are consulted throughout the process
  • Learning the ROCG way of doing things makes your counsel to other clients seeking to exit their businesses more insightful



“I strongly believe that any successful business requires the assistance of a skilled professional team working together to achieve the objectives of the client…. I have referred many business clients to ROCG and have relied heavily upon ROCG’s expertise during numerous business transactions… I highly recommend the services of ROCG and encourage clients to contact them for professional business advice..”

Adriana Carnevale, Carnevale Law Office - Whitby, ON

“All of our clients have been extremely satisfied with ROCG’s Business Transition Services…We found the ROCG team to be highly professional, competent and very easy to work with.”

Leslie A. Beck, Gravenor Beck - Westmount, QC