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Business Owner

  When you’re gone, who will be sitting in your chair?

As a business owner you have spent your life building your business, your way. You are not about to change when it comes to exiting your business. That is why the advisors at ROCG never impose solutions. Life is about choices. Our job is to show you all the choices you have — more than you probably realize — and explain the upsides and downsides for each.

ROCG offers you two major benefits. We are consultants. Our first job is to listen to you. We are also your organizing arm. We work with all your trusted advisors utilizing their areas of expertise. Unless you specifically request, we never bring someone in from the outside to take the place of your long time advisors. We work with your attorney, your accountant, your banker, your financial advisor and others you consider trusted stakeholders, friends and advisors with one object in mind: To fulfill your goals and objectives. Usually that means obtaining the best possible deal on transitioning your business.

You’re an expert in building and running your business. But, let’s face it, you’re likely a novice at selling your business. The ROCG team of advisors are experts at readying a business for transition and working to get the highest price and the best deal for you.


  This is not the time to take any chances

In preparing your business for transition sensitive matters may arise that other professionals would rather stay clear of. Highly charged areas that need to be faced square on. Like emotional family relationships. ROCG knows how to deal with these issues and solve concerns so they never come back to haunt you.

We work with you on enhancement solutions to make your business more attractive to buyers. We work to keep you on track to the timetable, action plans and milestones that we develop together.


  Put time on your side

No one expert has all the knowledge to get you the optimal results. That is why the collaborative approach ROCG employs brings balance and control to the entire process. Everyone knows that “time is money.” To that add, “more time leads to greater success for all your objectives.”

That is why you should get ROCG on your side, working with you and your trusted advisors, from the ground floor. It is never too early to start. But to the dismay of many business owners, leaving it too late can result in lost opportunities and unfulfilled life objectives.

Key Benefits of working with ROCG

  • Create a will for your business, where you live to be the beneficiary
  • Create a contingency plan to protect your business will
  • Create a legacy of success and a reputation for making the last step in exiting your business the smartest move of your life
  • Create a legacy that will outlive you
  • Make a Plan and work your Plan that maximizes the value of your business and gives you what you want the way you want it
  • Don’t feel boxed into a narrow choice of options but choose from a panorama of options that best suit your comfort zone, your way of doing things and your plans

Remember, there are no second chances in transitioning your business. You only get one shot at it. So make sure you do it right.



“I always knew that the ROCG team was very good, but, I didn’t realize how good they truly were. They added value to every step of the process, making this transaction go smoothly from start to finish. If you ever want to sell your business and maximize your value, I can offer you two words of very important advice: ‘Hire ROCG’ “

Edward S. Barr, former Co-Chairman and President of Seaforth Creamery