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  Leverage the power of the largest asset

In the field of financial services, Wealth Management is one of the most important services anyone can provide an individual. It has resulted in the happiness and well being of countless people. However, when it comes to transitioning a business the wealth management adviser need an expert to help monetize the client’s biggest asset… their business!

To alleviate the fear of a business owner that he/she may not have the financial resources to retire, it is important for you to work with us to prepare a personal financial plan and develop an investment strategy as part of the initial transition plan. This process will help clarify for the business owner how ready they are to transition their business, the timing of the transition, who they can transition the business to and its ultimate value. Our objective is to leverage your expertise and knowledge of your client to provide the best possible transition solutions. You become a key member of the transition team. If required, we would be willing to sign a non-competitive agreement.


  Leverage our power of results

A key element in transitioning a business is preparing the business for sale. This means enhancing its value, improving its attractiveness, and augmenting its professionalism. This includes strategies for growth in revenue, bottom-line profitability, and most importantly, in the selling value of the business.

ROCG helps the business owner implement these strategies through specific action steps and proven processes by working directly with their employees in a coaching role. We also take family relationships and potential conflicts into consideration. With your experience, you’ve probably seen explosive family conflicts that undermine positive actions. ROCG has the experience to work with families, often designing solutions that avoid family disputes and result in satisfying agreements all around.


  Get ROCG involved from the ground floor

Do you have a client who should be planning a business transition? Then now is the time to call ROCG. Take the lead. Set the pace. You should take the credit for recognizing the need for a business transition expert to be brought in so that the client’s welfare is seen to be foremost in your thinking.

As a core member of the planning and transition team, you can take part in every professional team meeting. You will be vitally involved in planning transition options. You will see that by introducing ROCG to your client you are involved more, not less, in his/her financial affairs.

ROCG has the knowledge to give you and the business owner a realistic value of the business from the early stages, thereby eliminating grandiose expectations that can lead to tragic disappointments. ROCG also develops, implements, and manages a strategy to satisfy the owner’s needs from the business upon retirement. That is where you play a very important role.

Key benefits of working with ROCG

  • Enhances your relationship with your clients and prospects by leveraging a value-added service that ultimately benefits both you and the owner
  • Ensures that the client gets a well thought out and  collaborative driven custom  plan
  • Being part of an integrated process helps ensure that you receive most of the net transaction proceeds for investment
  • Provides opportunities for you to meet second-generation family members during working sessions, to help ensure that investments stay with you upon the transfer from the owner either through gift or death
  • Provides you with opportunities to extend services to key employees and their families
  • Offers you the professional recognition  an integral part of a Business Transition Team, further differentiating you from your competition


“When assisting my business owner clients on achieving their personal planning goals, it is wonderful to have a resource such as ROCG to guide my clients with their business transition strategy.”

Linda Harmon, CFP

“Every client that we have referred to ROCG has come back to us with very positive feedback”

Alan Rae, Alan Rae Wealth Management Team, Richmond, BC