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   Insurance is vital to successful business transition

In the field of financial services, Insurance is one of the most important services anyone can provide an individual. In the case of business transition, it often is the difference between removing the barriers to a successful transition or putting the entire process at risk. Sounds over dramatized, doesn’t it. But read on and you’ll see why insurance is so vital to successful business transition.

Properly structured, insurance has resulted in the happiness and well being of countless people and saved businesses from financial disaster. Our objective is to leverage your expertise, and knowledge of your client, to provide the best possible transition solutions. You become a key member of the transition team. If required, we would be willing to sign a non-competitive agreement.


   How ROCG works with you

ROCG’s consultants are not insurance expert, nor do we know everything about financial planning. We do however orchestrate a successful business transition plan for our clients. We assemble a team of trusted advisors (which includes you).The team works in harmony to achieve the client’s vision; to whom the business should be sold; when the exit should occur; how to structure the transition so family issues are resolved; and so on. 

When you bring your client to ROCG, you are part of the core team. You will be kept in the loop throughout the process. Your input at the early planning stage is invaluable in outlining the need for insurance and removing roadblocks to the transition. As ROCG identifies challenges in the transition process your product knowledge will provide the solutions. As a member of the transition team you will be introduced to other shareholders, family members and stakeholders who may need your services.



   Insurance can remove the barriers


      1. Insurance funds the purchasers and the estate in the event of the death of the owner.
      2. If the owner dies before the business has been transitioned, insurance allows the corporation to finance the transaction, stabilize the business and provide the new owners with the cash on hand to pay for the business.
      3. In other situations, in the event of the owner’s early death, the corporation can carry on looking for a new owner.
      4. Insurance solves many challenges in transferring wealth out of the company and between generations. It is an important component to any risk management strategy.
      5. Insurance provides for the owner’s children who are outside of the business – allowing them to benefit financially without laying claims to the business and thereby placing great strain on family interpersonal relationships.