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Weathering The Storm

MANAGING FOR RECEOVERY- A Guide to Thriving in Recession for Privately Held Businesses

How do we navigate our way through economic turmoil? How do we ensure that our businesses continue to perform well and provide us with the ability to enjoy a full and rich life outside the workplace? How do we ensure that our businesses will in fact prosper, or at least be positioned to prosper, in the future?

To address these questions there are three key areas management must focus on to survive through a downturn, your valuable formula, operations and cash management. They are inter-related and ignoring any one of them can be detrimental to the long term survival of the business.

This book offers a clear and concise way for a privately held business to re-examine itself, to identify the key elements of its success, to develop strategies for ensuring its survival during economic turmoil, and ultimately to build a plan for thriving in the present and the future