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Stephen Reisler, CM&AA

Stephen Reisler


Principal, Founding Member

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Stephen is a Principal with ROCG, an international professional service and consulting firm with offices throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.  ROCG is the only international firm specializing in the areas of business transition strategy, finance and operations for privately owned and emerging growth enterprises.

For over 15 years Stephen has passionately assisted entrepreneurs with transitioning their business vision into real world business models. Today, his work helps business owners in adding significant hidden value to their companies by assisting them in creating and implementing business transition plans. He believes that real business value is easily monetized later upon a well executed staged transaction, and has focused his services on ensuring that privately held business owners have access to world class guidance with what is often a  “once in a lifetime” event.  In addition to strategy development, Stephen has extensive experience at building business value through human resource development and in creating management team leverage for the business.

As a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA), and as a member of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, Stephen networks with leading mid-Market company advisors throughout North America in an effort to continually apply best practices on behalf of his clients. He frequently conducts workshops with company owners and other professional advisors on topics related to business transition and company transactions, and specializes in a full array of merger and acquisition services for privately held mid-market companies.

Stephen developed his entrepreneurial talents early while a student, and led a number of significant university business related projects and earned much recognition for his leadership and contributions to student life.  He graduated with distinction with a BA in English from McGill University before completing a Master of Science degree in Communications and Administration from Syracuse University.

Stephen previously established an entrepreneurial career specializing in brand management and in the consumer product distribution and retail industries.  He considers himself to be a globalization pioneer having traveled extensively internationally to learn and adopt best practices for SME businesses while serving on the internal board of a privately held multi-national.  Stephen is married with two children. He enjoys many outdoor activities and studies, collects, and has a keen interest in following the evolution and growth of New World wines.



  • Business Plan Development
  • Sales Memorandum Preparation
  • Evaluating Capital Needs & Financing
  • Transition and Succession Planning
  • Approximation of Business Value
  • Risk Minimization


  • Eliminating Owner Dependency
  • Profit Improvement
  • Business Value Enhancement
  • Budgets and Financial Projections Modeling
  • Managing Transactional Change
  • Identifying Potential Buyers or Acquisition targets
  • Due Diligence Advisory


  • Managing Transactions
  • Raising Capital
  • (Debt, Mezzanine and Equity)
  • Company Transaction Negotiations
  • Minimizing Transaction Taxes