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Helping a Local Manufacturer with Growing Business

April 1, 2016

Growth is every business owner’s dream! The key questions are however, “Is your company ready for the growth and can you sustain it without disappointing some customers?  

ROCG was recently engaged to help a local mid-size manufacturer with its recent building expansion and the need for better capacity planning and process improvements. ROCG deployed its manufacturing development specialists to help this company better response to its recent growth and continue to properly stage this business and grow its value:

The following is a list of some of the projects our experts are engaged in: 

  • Manufacturing process mapping
  • Management team development 
  • Order processing improvement
  • Production capacity planning
  • Production planning and communication 

Like most projects of this kind, ROCG will be involve for several months helping guide this company on the right way of building a sustainable business model with systems and processes. Please check back in the future to see updates on this engagement . 

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