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ROCG Helping a Consulting Firm With Internal Transfer

April 1, 2016

After helping a small consulting firm with the initial transfer of shares to a key manger in 2012, ROCG was recently engaged again to help with the final share transfer between the two partners. 

Back in 2012, ROCG was engages to help a small consultancy transition ownership 49% of the shares from the owner to a key manager. While some of the work was done during the prior transaction, including value formula. ROCG assisted with the management of the final transaction in the following areas:

  • Adherence to prior buy/sell agreement
  • Coordination between lawyers of each side
  • Develop a framework for ‘buy now’ value as oppose to seller note
  • Assist with projections and financing options
  • Work on business strategy post transaction

ROCG will continue its involvement with this business with the key objectives of preparing it for exit and monetization in the next 7-10 years and increasing its value. We invite you to return to this page in the future to examine our progress

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