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Staging A Company By Developing a Management Reporting System

February 29, 2016

At ROCG, We emphasize the importance of developing a management team that can run the business independent of the owner(s). One of the critical success factors to accomplish this, is the development of Management Reporting Systems and a financial structure that can be managed by key personnel.

ROCG recently completed the engagement of setting up and migrating the current accounting systems structure into one that fits better with the business growth strategy and  the structure of a $15M company. The keys to this engagement were:

  • Engaging key managers and identify their needs 
  • Restructuring the company’s chart of accounts to reflect current business model 
  • Restructuring the  financial reports to allow each manager to manage their departments more effectively 
  • Developing financial reporting by customer grouping to help measure growth strategies 
This has been one engagement in a series of tasks ROCG completed with this company in order to prepare it for exit and increase its value over the past few years. 
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