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Rob Moore
Rob Moore, MST, CPA Principal, Founding Member
Jody Renfrew
Jody Choy Senior Consultant-Director of Client Results

Recent Projects

ROCG Seattle office is excited to be working with an agricultural company and assisting in expanding its geographic footprint. Simultaneously we are supporting the company’s efforts in purchasing and integrating an agricultural technology company into it operations.

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Our Local News

Metro adds more buses to handle Amazon's summer interns

King County Metro is sending out more buses to accommodate an increasing number South Lake Union riders.

Ahead of the crane: Mortenson Construction augments reality on UW project

Mortenson Construction can give project tours before a shovel hits the ground with its augmented reality system

Seattle's newest tower is built to last

The structural engineering firm behind the F5 Tower said its mega-brace technology will be a game-changer not only for Seattle's skyline, but for other cities in earthquake prone areas.