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Rob Moore
Rob Moore, MST, CPA Principal, Founding Member
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Jody Choy Senior Consultant-Director of Client Results

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ROCG Seattle office is excited to be working with an agricultural company and assisting in expanding its geographic footprint. Simultaneously we are supporting the company’s efforts in purchasing and integrating an agricultural technology company into it operations.

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Our Local News

Rugby 101: Seattle Seawolves launch their inaugural season Sunday

The Seattle Seawolves play their first Major League Rugby game at Starfire Sports Stadium in Tukwila on Sunday against the San Diego Legion. The 8 p.m game is sold out, but will be broadcast locally on Root Sports Northwest. We asked Seawolves co-owner Shane Skinner to offer some Rugby 101 to help novices follow the action: History of the game The game of rugby was founded in 1823 by William Webb Ellis at Rugby School in England. During a game of soccer, Ellis picked up the ball and ran with…

PSBJ Interview: Former Microsoft CIO Jim DuBois worked for Gates, Ballmer and Nadella

DuBois stepped down last summer as the company's chief information officer during a reorganization and recently took a job as a venture partner with Bellevue-based Ignition Partners.

Aptevo executive Jane Gross jumped to a startup and landed in the C-Suite

Jane Gross broke through the glass ceiling for women in biotech by going small.