North America

Success Story

Building a structure to support the business vision

This entrepreneur wanted to plan for growth and transition but his management team was not ready to take over and the business owner did not know where to begin. By implementing a management transition ROCG was able to help this business becoming self-sustained. 


Where The Business Was

  • Software company owned and managed by entrepreneur had reached the stage where it needed a stronger business model


  • Owner wanted to be ready for the possibility for transition in 2-3 years
  • The business was totally reliant on the owner to be the catalyst for change


  • Implement a change management program
  • Empower the management team to run the company


  • Define company vision and strategy
  • Build structure to support the business vision
  • Train management team through ‘management by objectives’ methodologies


  • The changed dynamics of the management team was instrumental in the company’s future success
  • Business attracted a larger pool of investors to fund future growth


  • Where the business was:Software Company needed business growth model
  • Problem: Business dependent on owner
  • Solution: Change management program
  • Implementation: Define vision and strategy, build structure, train management team
  • Results: New dynamic management team has enhanced ability to attract a larger pool of investors