North America

Success Story

Completing a Transition Plan for a specialist doctor and his medical clinic

ROCG was engaged to assist a doctor owner to determine the way forward. The successful doctor required ROCG’s support to explore his future options both personally and for his business. Over a period of a year, we were able to brighten the doctor’s personal and professional outlook, where he is once again excited about future possibilities for growth and development.


Where The Business Was 

  • Individually owned medical clinic operating successfully under his name for more than 20 years
  • Highly specialized niche service offering with no local competitors, with the clinic running on “auto pilot” by an aging secretarial assistant and virtually no future direction or vision for the practice
  • Earnings were consistent over the last many years, but not growing, while internal business issues were mounting as the owner preferred to avoid dealing with uncomfortable festering issues.


Problems and issues

  • An owner physician thinking of closing the practice due to his frustration of having to run the business on his own, while  having to deal with non-medical business and personnel issues.
  • An individual owner with no spouse or children, no hobbies other than travelling on occasion, and with sufficient savings  to fund his retirement, but who felt isolated, insecure, causing him to think that he needed to continue working for money and for a purpose in his life.
  • An owner with no personal network of advisors or personal acquaintances who could offer business support and guidance, resulting in a survival attitude with him having to do everything himself.



  • Demonstrated and visualized a personal financial retirement scenario for the owner with unrealistically conservative variables, such as him immediately closing the practice for only liquidation value, stopping to work and earn non-investment income, investment rates of return below the cost of living, and completely ignoring a future inheritance that would be well north of $1million.
  • Changed his mindset completely by be-friending him while gathering information, so that he felt comfortably supported and not alone, in considering  future possibilities for him to pursue external personal interests and showing him how to focus exclusively on his practice of medicine while outsourcing the administration of the clinic to others
  • Although our initial work was with the owner initially, we met with other team members to identify internal issues and provide them with solutions to explore while continuing our own work.
  • With gathered information, we were able to easily identify key areas to add value to a possible future transition either internal or external.
  • We were able to meet with a professional associate and engage them in a discussion to determine their relative interest in a future practice ownership role, relieving the current owner of dealing with an uncomfortable issue for him to face on his own.
  • Introducing the owner to new areas for him to consider such as electronic software, process manuals, other physicians interested in learning his techniques, etc. allowed him to once again get excited about the changes that could be brought about for the betterment of the clinic without him having to lead it.


  • Engaged to implement high priority solutions of new internal medical software, develop administrative and procedural process manuals for the clinic, and to explore potential future partners to assist with personal role succession and the expansion of the clinic.
  • Hired a university business student as full-time apprentice for 4 months to lead the integration of software and to support a 70 year old non computer literate administrator. This individual built the process manuals with our direction as well.
  • We were able to facilitate the departure of the clinic administrator who was a major blockage to progress, but seen by the owner as a loyal individual personally and professionally and with him in excess of 20 years. We hired a competent replacement and co-ordinated the transition period with knowledge transfer and the exit of the old administrator and the apprentice from the clinic.
  • Created business metrics to be monitored and reported on regularly giving rise to the establishment of quantifiable, realistic, measurable goals to be set toward supporting the overall practice objectives


  • The owner has a renewed optimism for implementing improvements and internal change, while living with less stress from his practice being supported by external business transition specialist consultants
  • Efficiencies continue through implementing new business systems, and hiring key individuals to play an active role in future practice growth and development
  • Revenues have started to grow through efficiencies with no renewed marketing efforts (now getting started through our strategic leadership by leading his team and assisting them with co-ordination of external consultants)