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ROCG is the only international firm of business advisors specializing in the areas of strategy, finance and operations for the privately owned and family business sector. No other professional services firm in the world is so focused on providing solutions to this critical segment.

We are committed to assisting our clients to achieve measurable business objectives and goals which translate as superior performance for their businesses. Many international professional services firms focus on solving problems and delivering reports. ROCG offers its services both in identifying problems, developing solutions and then supporting our clients in implementing viable solutions.

Our Business Advisors

Our advisors are enthusiastic, professional and highly qualified in our specialty area, privately owned and family businesses, with individual expertise across a range of industries and consulting services.

Our Culture

We aim to be regarded as people with principles that are beyond reproach. We promote leadership, sharing and support within our group. We work to be recognized as the leading international professional services firm in our field. We seek to maintain the balance between conceptual integrity and pragmatism.

Our culture fosters a forum for individual members to grow and excel, and to enjoy a quality of life conducive to happiness, health and old age. We believe working together, and with our clients, should be both a beneficial learning experience and fun.

The Benefits

ROCG provides access to rigorous training, leading edge proprietary consulting tools and resources. Our advisors use a specific framework, process and structure to address business issues such as business purpose, direction, objectives, strategies, market entry, effectiveness, structure, management process, productivity, supply chain, process improvement, profit improvement, financial performance, managing change, and more.

If you have an existing business advisory practice and wish to join us, please contact our head office.