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We collaborate with all the client’s trusted advisors

Business Owner

When you’re gone, who will be sitting in your chair? BusOwn-icon As a business owner you have spent your life building your business, your way. You are not about to change when it comes to exiting your business. That is why the advisors at ROCG never impose solutions. Life is about choices. Our job is to show you all the choices you have — more than you probably realize — and explain the upsides and downsides for each. Read full article»

Financial Advisor

Leverage the power of the largest asset FinPlan-icon In the field of financial services, Wealth Management is one of the most important services anyone can provide an individual. It has resulted in the happiness and well being of countless people. However, when it comes to transitioning a business the wealth management adviser need an expert to help monetize the client's biggest asset... their business! Read full article»

Merger & Acquisition Expert

To us you are the movers & shakers MergAcq-icon You know about the outstanding international reputation ROCG has. About our capabilities in preparing a business for sale and preparing the owner(s) for what to expect. But all our expertise amounts to nothing if the business isn't sold. That's where you come in. Read full article»


To us you are not a're a trusted advisor BankFin-icon When ROCG works with a client to plan and implement a business transition, the client’s trusted advisors are crucial to the process. And a foremost team member is the banker/financier, because you are proactive in identifying and qualifying the business owner for transition. As the transition plan unfolds, you provide most or all of the financing solutions. You are also likely to point out the other bank resources that relate to retirement, estates, trusts, investments, insurance, contingency planning, etc. Read full article»


Insurance is vital to successful business transition InsSpec-icon In the field of financial services, Insurance is one of the most important services anyone can provide an individual. In the case of business transition, it often is the difference between removing the barriers to a successful transition or putting the entire process at risk. Sounds over dramatized, doesn't it. But read on and you’ll see why insurance is so vital to successful business transition. Read full article»


Get the most for your client while enhancing your contribution LawAtt-icon It’s a wonderful feeling when you can do something that enhances your relationship with your client. When your client can see that your referral has led them onto safer ground where their objectives are being realized. That is what happens when you introduce ROCG to your client. We are not lawyers, but we work to enhance the client/attorney relationship by leading you to perform additional value-added services. Read full article»


In Business Transition, failure is not an option Acc-icon As professionals, we know that there are times when our expertise needs augmentation. Whether it is referring matters to a legal expert, or a complex tax issue, or sourcing the best financial lending sources, others can play a large part in helping us make the client more successful. Read full article»