North America

Success Stories

A small manufacturer with about 25 employees had Insufficient accountability and performance measurement systems. ROCG helped create a formal organizational structure and showed the business owner how to monitor the business using key performance indicators.

A family owned printing business was declining under the pressure of debt that cost the company over $250K in interest payment each year and an outdated business model. ROCG was able to strategically change the business model and restructure the debt with the help of the company’s attorney.

The owner of a furniture product and OEM manufacturer with sales over $50 wanted to reduce his day-to-day responsibilities while key management was dissatisfied with the lack of strategic direction and hectic workload. ROCG helped create and organizational structure and identified the priories for recruiting needed resources.

Pressure vessel manufacturing business operating for 30 years. Despite excellent reputation for quality, business was in decline… ROCG helped stabilize the business and untimely position to sell it to a competitor.

The owner of patented oilfield technology wanted to buy back the licences to his technology and resell them to set himself up for the future. ROCG worked with the owner to realize his objectives: to buyback, revalue and sell the licences.

Two brothers one of whom had passed away founded the company. Recently the surviving brother wished to transition ownership to three long serving employees.The existing accountant/advisor however felt he was in a conflict of interest and asked that we represent the purchasers in the transaction . ROCG came in and helped prepare the purchasers for the responsibilities of corporate ownership and worked through the complex issues surrounding the price and payment options.

A professional services firm had three directors sho were struggling to grow sales from $3M to $10M. Furthermore, the founding director was looking to retire but the remaining partners were without access to sufficient capital. ROCG helped implemented a two year business improvement plan that paid pay big dividends

Four owners (two couples in their mid 50′s) of an event management company wanted to take a back seat from the day-to-day operation of their business in favor of their children. ROCG was hired to help implement a plan that could help transition the owners responsibilities while still retaining their ownership of their business.

After 30 years running the business with the hope of transferring it to their kids, the owners found their children were not interested in taking over. ROCG was hired to come in and help prepare the business for a third party sale over the next three years.

This entrepreneur wanted to plan for growth and transition but his management team was not ready to take over and the business owner did not know where to begin. By implementing a management transition, ROCG was able to help this business become self-sustained.