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Crossing The Border

Growing your business by crossing the border

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cross-border commerce is now within reach of any growth-oriented business. But to enter it successfully you’ll need to ensure your business is prepared for the extra drain on human and financial resources needed to get the plan rolling, and for the changes to internal processes that will result from doing things differently.

You will need to develop an understanding of your business model and how it could change, or if you are exporting whether it will work in another country. The business model relates to what you sell, who buys it (and why) and how you make a profit from. Another way to understand your business model is to think of it as your “valuable formula.”

What is it you do that makes your business a success? The reality is that every business today is participating in, or affected by, international trade at some level. We can help you identify the likely impacts and maximize the emerging opportunities out there for your business.

Services list

  • Assisting with global corporate structures
  • Foreign entity set up
  • Market research
  • Market entry strategies
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Cross border tax services
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Financial reporting and human resource standards



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Battle scarred SMEs need to broaden their horizons in the new post GFC market, and cross border trade is where opportunity lies. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cross border commerce must now be a top priority for any business wishing to ride the tide of global economic upheaval.

An industry or a business model can become outdated in a much shorter period of time than would have been the case five years ago. Tie that in with the fact that a significant part of our business model relates to the value we provide to our customers, and you’ll see why it pays to rethink and review your business model if you plan to stay on in business much longer.

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This booklet explains some of the factors driving the extent and nature of cross-border commerce, the threats it poses for SMEs, the opportunities, and how to harness them.