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This booklet explains some of the factors driving the extent and nature of cross-border commerce, the threats it poses for SMEs, the opportunities, and how to harness them.

SMEs find new future through global markets

Battle scarred SMEs need to broaden their horizons in the new post GFC market, and cross border trade is where opportunity lies. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cross border commerce must now be a top priority for any business wishing to ride the tide of global economic upheaval.

Chewing gum sales predict the future for your business model

An industry or a business model can become outdated in a much shorter period of time than would have been the case five years ago. Tie that in with the fact that a significant part of our business model relates to the value we provide to our customers, and you’ll see why it pays to rethink and review your business model if you plan to stay on in business much longer.