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Training for a marathon is a lot like running a business

Both the marathon runner and a successful business owner look ahead and set a challenging stake in the ground of where they want to be sometime in the future. To be winners, both realize that they can’t just aimlessly move ahead and only rely on hope to reach their end goal.

Starting a Business

My business would not be what it is if it had not been for the initial guidance of Ronen and his team. He was willing to go the extra mile and was willing to stand by his satisfaction guarantee in such a way that I will absolutely hire him again for changes in my business as it moves to the next level. I was very impressed with how much effort he put into learning my industry so as to best be able to advise me.

Business Life and the Business of Life

Earlier this month I was reminded that one of the key reasons for going into business should be to provide more time to enjoy a “quality of life” for myself and my family. Rather than live a life of regret.


This book offers a clear and concise way for a privately held business to re-examine itself, to identify the key elements of its success, to develop strategies for ensuring its survival during economic turmoil, and ultimately to build a plan for thriving in the present and the future

Drive your business with Key Performance Indicators

Management-by-walking-around and gut checks may help you initially, but their effectiveness diminishes as your business expands and you delegate responsibilities. As your decisions shift to strategies from tactics, you must use accurate data to make data-based choices.

You Cannot Manage What You Don’t Measure

When you start a business you may be able to manage the business effectively by taking control of everything the business does. As the business grows however, this becomes a very ineffective way of managing. That is why ratios or key performance indicators are used to measure key business activities so you can tell whether the business is heading in the direction you had planned.

Are business plans still necessary?

Do we need to be prepared to ‘just wing it’? There has been some debate recently about the merits of writing a detailed business plan. The essence of the debate is what benefit, financial and overall, is derived from writing a detailed business plan, or alternatively, has it become a dated concept and a fledgling business can thrive without one. The answer is “it depends”.

Till death, or the courts, do us part! Creating successful business partnerships

“I seem to be doing all the work around here, while my partner is doing less and still taking half the profits.” Partnerships can be the catalyst for hugely successful businesses where each party contributes to a whole which far exceeds the sum of its parts. But if they are not nurtured properly they can cause the collapse of the whole business at worst, or leave it operating at a sub optimal level at best.