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The Importance of a Mgt. Team

Ask yourself this question; If you decided to take six months off from the business – as opposed to the old “what happen if you get hit by a bus” question – can your business survive without you for an extended period of time?

Keys to a Successful Merger

Written by: Terry Shepherd Your business sale is imminent, a letter of intent has been signed and due diligence is aboutmore… »

Selling your business – be one of the rare winners!

According to Chris George from George & Company, an intermediary located in Worcester, less than 10 percent of business owners who contact his company have sufficiently planned ahead.

How to keep a business sale confidential?

John got a call from one of his biggest customers. They had been in the process of putting together a large order that John thought would be his most important piece of business for the year. It was a fair deal – both sides would benefit.
The customer was calling to advise that they were not going to proceed with the order. John was stunned. Almost too surprised to even ask “Why”? What he heard surprised him even further!

The process of transitioning a business

Over the years, Ronen has established himself as a valued and trusted advisor. And more than an advisor! During the critical transition period surrounding my retirement from day-to-day activity he has assumed an important role as Board member and Controller, allowing time for my partner to develop confidence in her new role and providing me the assurance that the Company was in good hands.

Business Valuation is the Starting Point to Maximize Business Value

As ‘boomer’ business owners approach their 60’s, thoughts often turn from an ‘achievement’ mindset to one of ‘quality of life’ values and concerns. It becomes a time of reflection; a time to sort out life’s purpose and values; and to determine when enough is enough.

What is a Term Sheet or an Expression of Interest?

A Term Sheet or an expression of interest (EOI) is an informal offer made by a strategic or financial buyer for the purchase of a business. An EOI can also be referred to as an Indication of Interest or an IOI. Generally it is drafted in the preliminary stages of the acquisition of a business or assets, and can be a useful method for expressing a non-binding intent to purchase.

Boomer Business Owners Beware …..A Shot Across the Bow

Baby boomers…the generation born between 1945 to 1964 were originally defined because of the peak birth rates that resulted from the men returning home from WWII after their long absence. Since their birth, they have supercharged the economy by their unprecedented shear numbers, creating huge waves of demand and opportunity.

Planning to sell your company in the next ten years? Be prepared!

This decade’s M&A twists and turns will feel very different. As the decade ahead progresses, North American companies will continue to be increasingly acquired by foreign investors, particularly led by Chinese investors.