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Want top price? Find out the right strategies to include in the business plan

When is the last time you reflected on why you started your business? Was it for a stream of income to provide for your family? Or was it also about building a business that created a value that you’d cash out on one day?

Glass Door Retreat

I really appreciated the ‘Glass Door’ retreat process. I think the questions that you asked were very good and I find myself looking to the future in a different way, in much more reflective way. I hope to use this starting today in planning towards the future…

Selling A Business

“In looking back at the transition process – I am convinced that we would not have made the progress in transitioning to the next generation as smoothly or as effectively. It was not an easy journey but with your wise counsel, Terry, we were able to view the right things in the proper priorities and execute. Thanks for the help on the journey.”

Meet Family Wealth Goals by Deploying a Proper Tax Strategy

Individuals with significant assets encounter many obstacles before they can fully enjoy, grow and retain their wealth. At the same time, there are many opportunities to help avoid and get around the various obstacles and landmines for those prudent enough to take the proper precautions. It all comes down to advance planning.

How to transition from your business on your terms, for your price

As a business owner, you are accustomed to, and perhaps even thrive upon, solving today’s pressing issues and pushing on tomorrow. But have you looked beyond this week, this month, or even this year?


This International Research Document from ROCG summarizes the state of Business Transition readiness and attitudes covering the entire spectrum of businesses

THIS WAY OUT – A Guide to Business Exit

To achieve optimum sale value in this environment it is essential to have a plan. This booklet explains what business transition planning is all about, and necessary steps towards achieving successful business transition.