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Building Business Value

More than 80% of business owners believe that the money they receive from the sale of their businesses is very or somewhat important in meeting their financial retirement goals. The sad reality is that when most small to medium sized businesses are sold, money is left on the table. The main reason for this is that these businesses were not ready to be sold.

Planning for the Unexpected

We all hope we can leave our business at a point in time we are ready to leave, we can transfer or sell the business to whom we want, and it occurs at a value that is consistent with our wealth objectives. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen this way. Death or a permanent disability can derail your plans for an orderly transition of your business.

Will You Have Enough Money When You Exit Your Business

One very important aspect of planning for the exit from your business is to put a plan in place that will increase the odds that you, the business owner, and your spouse will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. There are two key elements to this process…

Goals Should Drive The Exit Process

Sometimes decisions are made with respect to the succession of a business without clarifying the goals of the key stakeholders. These decisions can ultimately work against the objectives once they are established.

So you’ve decided to sell your business. What’s HOT and what’s NOT!

As a business valuation expert I can reveal to you that there are 5 Commandments when it comes to selling your business. Any business valuation will assess how closely you’ve kept to them – and value your operation up or down accordingly.

Meet family wealth goals by deploying a proper tax strategy

Individuals with significant assets encounter many obstacles before they can fully, grow and retain their wealth. At the same time, there are many opportunities to help avoid and get around the various obstacles and landmines for those prudent enough to take the proper precautions. It all comes down to advance planning.

The ABC Guide to being a winner even before you sell your business

If your business is not ready for sale, you are not getting the best results from it.. not today, and not when you sell it either! The end game in any business is to sell. To get the best possible top price, it needs to be operating at its optimum. A business operating at its optimum is going to be more profitable, so it makes sense to have it operating at its very best all the time.

Selling the company in the next ten years? Be prepared for changes!

This decade’s M&A twists and turns will feel very different. As the decade ahead progresses, North American companies will continue to be increasingly acquired by foreign investors, particularly led by Chinese investors.

Recovery planning: the need to take control

Writing a business plan doesn’t need to be a big chore. Just one or two pages can be enough to provide direction for recovery and growth says Terry Shepherd, who is currently researching why business owners fail to plan.