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Source: Newsfactor Business Report
Small business owners have entered 2018 with many questions about how big their tax bills will be, but they’re also optimistic about profiting from a strong economy. And aside from financial matters, owners with employees must stay mindful about one of the troubling issues of 2017, sexual harassment. Here are five things small business owners need to know about or do in 2018:

The results of the winter Business Outlook Survey indicate that business prospects have improved following two years of overall modest activity. The responses reflect building domestic demand, a supportive export outlook and an expected recovery in energy-related activity.

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Are you finally pushing profit margins into the green? Great! But don’t jump on the expansion wagon just yet…

Written by: Terry Shepherd Your business sale is imminent, a letter of intent has been signed and due diligence is aboutmore… »

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There’s a reason why if you open any month’s issue of Harvard Business Review, there’s probably at least one or two articles by consultants. That’s because they’re really smart people who are exposed to a lot of different businesses, solve....more...>>

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