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Business Exit Planning

As a business owner, when should you start planning for transition? Or, what you might have heard called “business succession planning”? Well, it’s never too early. Don’t put it off until you’re thinking about retiring or selling. It can take years to get all the pieces in place, depending on your personal financial situation and the quality of life you desire after business.

Like any form of wealth creation, the more time you have to build your assets the more wealth you can accumulate. The same principles apply to your business, but rather than simply relying on dividends or other investment income you should focus on building the value of the business, so that when you are ready to transition out you can fully monetize your asset.


In our experience, many business owners think that they know what they want but they typically haven’t sat down and worked out what they really want. A successful transition is the last, ‘crowning’ achievement for many business owners, and there are many complex issues to manage along the way. We have found that a structured process is the key to preparing for transition. The level of planning involved requires considerable experience and skill because planning is the key to your transition success.


Through business exit planning, ROCG facilitates the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Assess your business readiness for exit
  • Review your personal and financial objectives
  • Calculate your business value
  • Prepare you for life post transaction or business transfer
  • Review several exit options to meet your objectives
  • Recommend optimal exit option and document your business transition and exit plan
  • Prepare a contingency plan for your business and family
  • Readying your business for transfer and work to maximize its value
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Read What the Business Owners Say About us:

Sarah L.
- President

The process of transitioning a business as one approaches retirement is fraught with unfamiliar challenges. This is particularly true if, as my case, the ‘business’ has operated for many years as a consultancy, with no employees, but a software product whose dedicated users cannot simply be abandoned. I was fortunate to make contact with an excellent candidate for assuring continuity of the business, but the financial arrangements were still far from clear.

After many false starts and late-night internet searches, I stumbled on a small company –ROCG-that was unique in its concern for the inter-personal issues involved in business transitions as well as the financial realities. We were fortunate to be able to engage the CEO, Ronen Shefer, to help us figure out our future.

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