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Specialists in the field

ROCG is the only international firm of business advisors specializing in the areas of strategy, finance and operations for the privately owned and family business sector. No other professional services firm in the world is so focused on providing solutions to this critical segment. We are committed to assisting our clients to achieve measurable business objectives and goals which translate as superior performance for their businesses. Many international professional services firms focus on solving problems and delivering reports. ROCG offers its services both in identifying problems, developing solutions and then supporting our clients in implementing viable solutions.

Meet the Team

Ronen Shefer

CEO & Managing Partner

Ronen Shefer is a Co-Founding Partner of ROCG Americas and has served as the Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 2004. Ronen has been instrumental to the development of ROCG in North America, the growth of its brand and the implementation of its key strategic initiatives. Ronen is also a member of ROCG’s executive committee which manages ROCG’s global initiatives.

Terence Shepherd

Principal, Founding Member

Terry has advised small and medium-sized, family owned/closely held businesses for over 35 years. Additionally he has owned and operated small businesses in commercial real estate, mining, hotel and service industries. His particular business areas of expertise are in business exit and transition planning and execution, value growth planning and strategic planning.

Stephen Reisler

Principal, Founding Member

For more than 25 years Stephen has passionately assisted entrepreneurs with transitioning themselves and their businesses for ultimate exits. He helps business owners add significant value to their companies, and has extensive experience at leveraging human resource development to create dynamic management teams. Stephen is a featured speaker and presenter on all topics related to business exit and transitions.

Lyle Dickson

Principal, Founding Member

Lyle heads our Vancouver office and has 35 years experience consulting with business owners and their families on all aspects of ownership and operations from start up to sale or succession. He has advised on numerous business ownership changes assisting both purchasers and vendors as well as advising on inter-generational business transfers.

Lewis Hunter

Principal – Founding Member

Lewis head our Jacksonville FL office and a great portion of Lewis’s work throughout North America is focused on consulting work to help the founders who are ready spend less time and energy in their engineering firms and more time in the next objective whether it be in their business or personal life.

Rob Moore

Principal – Founding Member

Rob head our Seattle WA office and specializes in helping owners create financially and operationally strong companies, affordably and with integrity. He has written articles and provides seminars on the topics such as driving business value and improving business cash flow.

Cleo Huang


As a principal advisor, with extensive knowledge in the Metro Vancouver marketplace, Cleo helps growing and mature private businesses deal with strategic planning and business growth management. Cleo also specializes in locating the right business opportunities for investors – particularly Asian investors – guiding them through the entire acquisition process and working with them to manage their growing businesses post acquisition.

Nevin Groce


Nevin is an experienced Operations Executive who has led diverse teams, directed start-ups, owned and consulted businesses in a variety of industries and dynamic environments. Over 20 years of experience developing business processes, understanding and analyzing business requirements, identifying gaps and potential opportunities to drive value, and developing innovative cost effective solutions increasing revenue and improving competitiveness.

Teresa Shefer

Principal – Marketing Director

Teresa is a principal and serves as our marketing and social media director. With a career spanning over 2 decades in several position including VP of operation, Teresa brings a wealth on knowledge to her writings and a unique perspective to  small and medium size business owners.

Yves Dufresne

Senior Consultant

Yves advises privately held business owners on Merger & Acquisition (M&A) transaction activities. Services include business value calculations, targeting prospective buyers/sellers, preparing Selling Memorandums, and guiding the M&A team through due diligence and final Transaction negotiations. A frequent seminar and workshop presenter to SME owners and their advisors, he focuses on building business value and creating financing structures that meet the special needs of SME business owners.

Matt Allison

Senior Consultant

Jody Choy


Jody is a top-performing and solutions-focused leader equipped with 17 years of progressive leadership success. She works with clients and ROCG team members to ensure engagements obtain maximum results. She makes sure all engagements are documented with specific expected outcomes, including goals, timelines, benchmarks and that progress is measured and compared to expectation.

Rick Gendemann

Partner – Manning Elliott, LLP

Rick heads our affiliate office in the Abbotsford, BC Canada. Rick has developed an extensive background providing accounting, tax, business advisory, estate and succession planning services for privately held businesses. His practice focuses on businesses operating in the manufacturing and food processing, agriculture, real estate development, wholesale, distribution and research & development industry sectors.

Why Business Owners Choose us


Founded in 2004, our team of experienced professionals has over two decades worth of proven experience in our industry. When it comes to advising small and medium-sized businesses, we are the industry leaders always ready to share our knowledge with our clients


It is known to be lonely at the top! When you become our client, we take it seriously. We stay with you every step of the way through the challenges and successes, always there to guide you and share our experience with your team.


While most consulting firms try to offer their clients boiler plated ideas or lengthy and confusing ‘to do lists,’ ROCG thrives on results. We will  work endlessly to ensure that the strategies or ideas that we implement are working, and most importantly, that your team is held accountable.


Unlike most firms, our services are guaranteed and our partnership with you is completely transparent. Our fees are fair and you are always in complete control of how much you spend and how involved we are with your business.

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