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Transaction Management

Best practice dictates that managing the sale or transfer of a business requires a team of specialist advisors

Here at ROCG, our team of consultants will teach you best practices to ensure that you properly manage the sale or transfer of your business dealings. Our proactive advisors will provide your business with valuable information detailing the key elements you should consider when transitioning your business to the next phase.


You might be thinking, “why do I need a team of specialist advisors?” Well, in our minds, the answer is simple! Transferring your business is a unique event that does not occur very often. In addition, it is likely outside the scope of your current advisors’ experience. Let our team assist you by providing the right exit and transition advice that won’t only add value, they will also increase the likelihood of your business achieving your exit objectives.


Our team of experts will help you manage the sales process and coordinate the work of you advisors right from the start. Let us walk you through the process of creating the offer memorandum, the letter of intent, the due diligence process, and your purchase agreement. We will walk you through the entire process and make sure you always have an advisor by your side to help your business succeed.

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If you’re ready to sell or transfer your business, contact ROCG today so we can take a look. We’re always willing to go the extra mile for our valued clients! Contact us today and let’s start working together!

Read What the Business Owners Say About us:

Doug W.
- Advanced Furniture Testing

I can only say great things about working with Ronen as my business consultant while I was President of Advanced Furniture Testing. I consider Ronen a friend and a mentor. He has taught me a great deal about running a business and has helped me so much in transitioning from owning to selling to now being a consultant. I would highly recommend Ronen for any business that is looking to make any kind of change. He is extremely smart and really knows the “ins and outs” of the business world. His experience, talent, and approach really made the difference for me!!

Theresa May
- June 14, 2016

Whenever I feel like I am head over heels with the decision on which exact investment option to take, I call these guys up. They’ve made me more than $789 million in profit, and that’s just in the last few years! Whatever they advised me, turned out to be gold, so I will definitely be hiring them for more sometime soon!

Jean Gordon
- June 14, 2016

I just want to thank you for all your help that you have provided on this matter. Since the moment you and your team of Tax Consulting pros had gotten involved, I had not had the stress that I had before. You guys handled my situation with the utmost professionalism and I was able to contact you any day of the week.

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