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Merger & Acquisition Expert

  To us you are the ‘Movers & Shakers’

You know about the outstanding international reputation ROCG has. About our capabilities in preparing a business for sale and preparing the owner(s) for what to expect. But all our expertise amounts to nothing if the business isn’t sold. That’s where you come in.

As an expert in the sale of businesses, you are key to our team of experts. Whether we call upon you to join our team or you refer work that is not in line with your firm’s policy, ROCG appreciates the contributions you make and understands the value that you deliver.

In family situations there is always the possibility of conflict and hurt feelings that can result in a lifetime of strained relations. ROCG has the experience to work with families, often designing solutions that avoid family disputes and result in satisfying agreements all around. Our objective is to leverage your expertise, and knowledge of your client, to provide the best possible transition solutions. You become a key member of the transition team. If required, we would be willing to sign a non-competitive agreement.


  Working with ROCG

ROCG strongly believes in and practices the collaborative approach to help our clients. No one person or profession is able to pull off the best deal for the client. That is why we put together and lead a team of trusted advisors, each with a unique contribution to make, each fully informed of the direction we are all moving towards, and each vitally connected to the pulse of the process.

Should you be involved with a business that is not ready to sell but needs to be properly prepared for transition, you can confidently refer your client to ROCG. We’ll take good care of your client and return him/her to you at the appropriate time when your expertise is required while keeping you informed of their progress.

Key Benefits of working with ROCG

  • Our referral is properly prepared and ready to sell
  • You have an attractive well-groomed business to present to potential buyers
  • We can help guide the client through difficult decisions during the sales process
  • ROCG can assist with preparation for and facilitation of due diligence
  • Sensitive employee issues are protected by ROCG’s intermediary status
  • ROCG’s involvement speeds up the buyer’s evaluation process
  • We are experienced in transactions and can help facilitate closing with confidence

   Testimonials by M & A professionals

“Successful M&A engagements are a team sport and the business value enhancement services provided by ROCG are the cornerstone of this multidisciplinary approach. Every client has special needs and no single firm can provide everything needed. The independent transaction advisory professionals of our association are building close working relationships with ROCG experts for essential profit improvement and value growth solutions to make more deals work.”

Michael R. Nall, CPA, CM&AA Founder, Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors

Working with ROCG expedited the sale process and gave us, the M&A professional, a sounding board as we navigated through difficult issues. The team at ROCG provided timely, trusting advice at critical moments that greatly helped make the transaction a success and along the way helped us earn a most satisfactory fee.

 Benjamin J. Hall, Managing Director, MRCWorldwide, an IMAP member firm