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Teresa is a Principal with ROCG, an international professional service and consulting firm with offices throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.  ROCG is the only international firm specializing in the areas of business transition strategy, finance and operations for privately owned and emerging growth enterprises.

Teresa is a business transition visionary who has successfully put her mark in the Grand Rapids market by taking underperforming companies and converting them into top performers in their market. As the Chief Operating Officer of ROCG Grand Rapids, she enjoys the day to day challenges of developing, improving, and implementing the standards for service that make ROCG the transition specialists.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Teresa demonstrated natural leadership abilities and excelled in people skills early on. It was due to these skills that she became the youngest to hold top management positions along with top sales in the companies that she represented. Prior to Co-Founding ROCG Grand Rapids she held the position of Vice President of Operations for over ten years keeping the company number one in sales and customer service with their parent manufacturer. A graduate of Davenport University, Teresa now boasts over twenty years of experience in serving as the operations leader for a variety of companies from retailers, hospitality, restaurants, manufacturers, distributorships, and call centers.

As a Co-Founding Partner of ROCG Grand Rapids and Boca Raton, Teresa works with owners of small to medium sized enterprises along with their management teams to lighten the owners work load. She realizes that owners did not start a company so that they could work 60 plus hours a week “forever”. Their goal is to hire a management team that can run the company so that the owners can be the ones who lead the company through public relations and expanding their clientele listings. Teresa has extensive experience in creating companies that run effectively and efficiently without owners having to micro-manage their teams.

Teresa assists Grand Rapids and Boca Raton business owners in the areas of improving inefficiencies, developing performance standards, streamlining day to day operations, developing effective marketing strategies and tools, and establishing a customer focus culture. She not only plans and suggests improvement processes for the company but she also has created a niche in that she works alongside the business owner and their management team to ensure that the company is successful in IMPLEMENTATION. Teresa knows that her success is dependent on the client seeing and feeling the success in their company first and foremost. Payment is monthly and not ALL up front so that the team knows that she is committed to the company’s ultimate success.



  • Vision, Mission Development
  • Evaluate Organization’s Effectiveness


  • Process Improvement
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Competencies Development
  • Maximizing Financial Performance


  • Organizational Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Customized Training Design and Delivery
  • Management and Leadership Coaching
  • Governance and Structure Development