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Our Local Leaders

Michael Vann (ROCG affiliate)
Michael Vann President, Vann Group
Kevin Vann
Kevin Vann Chairman, Vann Group

Recent Projects

Michael Vann is Rebooting the Business Growth Center Michael Vann heads the Vann Group’s strategic consulting and transactional advisory servicesmore… »

Succeeding at Succession

Mike Vann didn’t have the exact figures, but he said round numbers would certainly get his points across. And he was right.

There are roughly 7.5 million businesses in this country owned by an individual or individuals over the age of 55, said Vann, a principal, with his father, Kevin, of the Springfield-based business-consulting firm the Vann Group. And maybe 25% of them have “some semblance” of a succession plan in place.

Michael Vann has a few diverse interests. He is politically minded, and has a background as an intern for bothmore… »

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Ludlow Mills-Projects-Create-Added-Momentum

The mills encompass a sprawling complex of more than 60 buildings set on 170 acres, and Westmass predicts that, over the next 15 years, more than 2,000 new jobs will be created and retained there, and more than $300 million will be spent in private investments.