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The process of transitioning a business

Over the years, Ronen has established himself as a valued and trusted advisor. And more than an advisor! During the critical transition period surrounding my retirement from day-to-day activity he has assumed an important role as Board member and Controller, allowing time for my partner to develop confidence in her new role and providing me the assurance that the Company was in good hands.

Glass Door Retreat

I really appreciated the ‘Glass Door’ retreat process. I think the questions that you asked were very good and I find myself looking to the future in a different way, in much more reflective way. I hope to use this starting today in planning towards the future…

Starting a Business

My business would not be what it is if it had not been for the initial guidance of Ronen and his team. He was willing to go the extra mile and was willing to stand by his satisfaction guarantee in such a way that I will absolutely hire him again for changes in my business as it moves to the next level. I was very impressed with how much effort he put into learning my industry so as to best be able to advise me.

Attorney / Lawyer

“I strongly believe that any successful business requires the assistance of a skilled professional team working together to achieve the objectives of the client…. I have referred many business clients to ROCG and have relied heavily upon ROCG’s expertise during numerous business transactions… I highly recommend the services of ROCG and encourage clients to contact them for professional business advice..”

Business Strategy

“I can now honestly say I have the time and ability to work “on” my business’ growth, instead of the day to day business activities. With improved systems in place, real targets and goals have been established and I can take a more proactive approach to my business. Helped us reorganize from the ground up and work more productively and efficiently.”

Strategic Planning

We have worked successfully together on several business issues regarding our company. They are both personal and professional in every way. I would highly recommend them for any strategic business planning!

Selling A Business

“In looking back at the transition process – I am convinced that we would not have made the progress in transitioning to the next generation as smoothly or as effectively. It was not an easy journey but with your wise counsel, Terry, we were able to view the right things in the proper priorities and execute. Thanks for the help on the journey.”

Purchasing a Business

“Thanks Terry for all your guidance and coaching. It is an awesome responsibility to be at the helm of a 4th generation company, my goal is to see it safely to the 5th.”