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Founded in 2004, our team of experienced professionals has over two decades worth of proven experience in our industry. When it comes to advising small and medium-sized businesses, we are the industry leaders always ready to share our knowledge with our clients


It is known to be lonely at the top! When you become our client, we take it seriously. We stay with you every step of the way through the challenges and successes, always there to guide you and share our experience with your team.


While most consulting firms try to offer their clients boiler plated ideas or lengthy and confusing ‘to do lists,’ ROCG thrives on results. We will  work endlessly to ensure that the strategies or ideas that we implement are working, and most importantly, that your team is held accountable.


Unlike most firms, our services are guaranteed and our partnership with you is completely transparent. Our fees are fair and you are always in complete control of how much you spend and how involved we are with your business.




Here at ROCG, we pride ourselves on providing professional services and maintaining a high level of integrity for the work that we do, because we take it seriously. In our minds, business dealings should be taken seriously because when it comes to our clients, their business means everything to them.

By offering top-notch professional services, we offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services. With ROCG, you can get consulting services that you can trust. And remember, we won’t let you down – for us, there is only one option, and that’s helping your business find sustainable success.

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Per Month

Once we have completed the needs analysis, we will meet with you and your team on a monthly basis and coach your business and you how to implement the chosen strategies



per month

Our most successful model is to partner with you and your team to implement agreed upon strategies and guide the team when necessary in order to ensure results


Per Month

Change is difficult to some companies, as a result we offer our implementation services for the complex projects and those who require expertise not currently within your team

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Sarah L.
- Quality Training Systems

The process of transitioning a business as one approaches retirement is fraught with unfamiliar challenges. This is particularly true if, as my case, the ‘business’ has operated for many years as a consultancy, with no employees, but a software product whose dedicated users cannot simply be abandoned. I was fortunate to make contact with an excellent candidate for assuring continuity of the business, but the financial arrangements were still far from clear.

After many false starts and late-night internet searches, I stumbled on a small company –ROCG-that was unique in its concern for the inter-personal issues involved in business transitions as well as the financial realities. We were fortunate to be able to engage the CEO, Ronen Shefer, to help us figure out our future.

Doug W.
- Advanced Furniture Testing

I can only say great things about working with Ronen as my business consultant while I was President of Advanced Furniture Testing. I consider Ronen a friend and a mentor. He has taught me a great deal about running a business and has helped me so much in transitioning from owning to selling to now being a consultant. I would highly recommend Ronen for any business that is looking to make any kind of change. He is extremely smart and really knows the “ins and outs” of the business world. His experience, talent, and approach really made the difference for me!!