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A Roadmap to a Successful Exit

Transition Planning for business owners is a process that encompasses both the personal and business issues the owner faces in preparing to exit their business. That in by itself is not unique.
Our offering is unique however because it’s designed to help the business owner implement the plan combining our proven processes with our advisory team’s expertise. If asked, we don’t stop at the plan delivery stage, we move on through to the actual exit stage.

It is also unique in that while delivered under ROCG leadership, the final delivered plan is produced by a team of professional advisors (usually including the client’s trusted advisors) ensuring the resulting product has balance. ROCG’s Transition Plan is not product centric unlike most transition plans – it provides recommendations to achieve the client objectives unrelated to any particular products and services the professional advisors traditionally offer.

This team approach recognizes that different skills and disciplines are required for each situation and provides the client the opportunity to get the best quality advice for each issue they are confronting in developing their Transition Plan.